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Japan Launches Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Japan’s vigorous promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is mainly based on two considerations: first, to ensure energy security, and second, to reduce carbon emissions. In terms of ensuring energy security, Japan ’s primary dependence on external energy has always been very high, reaching 94.6% in 2013 after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident stopped […]

Anti-Wind Power Wave In Germany

As an established developed country, Germany has always wanted to actively develop renewable energy, and aims to provide 65% of the country’s electricity by 2030. But in recent years, this effort has always been hindered, and the public’s opposition has grown stronger, which has also led to a significant reduction in new wind power plants […]

Solar Generator Is The Cheapest Way To Generate Electricity

Many people think that the establishment of a renewable energy power generation device is a high cost and high technology demand. In fact, there are many ready-made kits available on the market today, providing a complete set of solutions. The user only needs to install it and use it immediately to protect the earth. Some […]

How Do You Make A Simple AC Power Generator?

The great british scientist faraday discovered the phenomenon of magnetoelectricity: when the conductor of a closed circuit is used to cut the magnetic induction line, a current is generated on the conductor, that is, an electromagnetic induction phenomenon, and the generated current is called an induced current. Power generators are built on this principle, and […]

How Does A Homemade Home Power Generator Work?

Gasoline power generators are an integral part of the home and industrial sectors. If you don’t want to buy a factory power generator and now need an independent source of electricity, you can diy assemble a gasoline home power generator. To do this, you first need to consider how the unit is arranged and how […]

Get Free Electrical Energy With Diy Solar Generator

Capacity is the power generated by solar generators and is generally designed according to the building area of the residents. The area of 1 square meter currently generates about 150W. The general residents can build a 3kw-5kw power station, which requires about 20 square meters of installation space, and so on. The installation space can […]

How Do You Make A Magnetic Generator?

Magnetic generators can use optical discs to make integrated circuits. A magnetic generator is a device that supplies a high-voltage electrical energy pulse to a spark plug in a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine ignition system. Once used in all petrol-powered cars, it is now only used in lawn mowers, chainsaws, and internal combustion aircraft engines. […]

Ways To Generate Your Own Power With Solar Generator

The application of solar energy has been very extensive. The street lights on the street are solar energy, the water heaters also have solar energy, and even the mobile power source has solar energy. The growing development of solar energy, such as clean energy, is definitely a trend in the use of new energy sources, […]

How Do You Make Electricity With DIY Portable Generator?

Portable power generator can provide emergency power when the mains supply is cut off, especially when the national grid is out of power. It does not have to supply electricity to all the appliances in the home. It only needs to supply some basic household appliances, such as lighting, TV, refrigerators, etc. Electric appliances such […]

How Does A Homemade Power Generator Work?

The fixed part inside the homemade power generator must have a magnetic field. This magnetic field can be a magnet as shown or a coil around the pole core, and a magnetic field can be generated by direct current. Where if is called the excitation current. This type of coil has one pole per pole, […]

DIY Home Solar Power Generator System Steps

I have been interested in solar power generation. I have studied the feasibility and calculated the relevant parameters through the Internet and various channels. Finally, with the support of my family, I finally started the work. After the typhoon of the rabbit, I realized the power of the typhoon. The master who made the solar […]

How To Install A Home Emergency Generator System

The natural gas automatic start emergency power generation system is suitable for families, buildings, hospitals, shops, industrial and other users. It has the automatic connection when the power supply grid is cut off (disconnected from the power supply grid, transferred to the emergency power generation line), and automatically started. The generator provides emergency power generation […]

The Self-Built Household Solar Power Generator

The original intention of building this family of photovoltaic power plants was to collect data from a model, and to analyze whether it is worth investing in photovoltaics with real and effective data rather than the theoretical data of dealers. However, with the changes in the situation in the past two years, I think the […]

What Is The Home Solar Panel Power System?

The basic equipment of the distributed solar power system includes solar cell modules, solar array brackets, DC combiner boxes, DC power distribution cabinets, grid-connected inverters, AC power distribution cabinets, etc., as well as power supply system monitoring devices and environmental monitoring. Device. The operation mode is that under the condition of solar radiation, the solar […]

Homemade Home Wind Turbine Generator Method And Plans

First you need a generator motor. If you are doing a miniature wind turbine, the four-wheel motor can be replaced. Then you put the leaf board you have on the front end of the motor to guide Wind, when the wind blows the rotor of the motor, the two wire ends of the motor can […]

What Should I Do If The Diesel Generator Leaks?

In the process of using a diesel generator set, the user may encounter some problems, and there is a problem of water leakage. What about the leakage of diesel generators? 1, sticky glue. If the water tank or water pipe is broken or there are small leaks caused by the air holes, we can clean […]

How To Solve The Instability Of Household Gasoline Generators?

The reason why there is a malfunction of unstable speed may be that the exhaust gas is black smoke, the sound is heavy, and the meter pointer swings left and right, which is caused by excessive mixture. And the exhaust sound is very loud, and occasionally the sound of the cannon. The sound is high […]

Is The Solar Power Installed On The Roof With Radiation?

The process of solar photovoltaic power generation has no mechanical rotating parts and no fuel consumption, and does not emit any substances including greenhouse gases. It has the characteristics of no noise and no pollution. The solar energy resources are not geographically restricted, widely distributed and inexhaustible. Inexhaustible. Therefore, compared with other new power generation […]

How To DIY Homemade Simple Generator At Home?

Rotor: The permanent magnet is fixed on the rotor shaft and has a magnetic pole pair symmetry forming a circular shape. Generally, the voltage is affected by the strength of the magnetic field, the rotor speed, and the number of pole pairs. Stator: The wire is wound in a single direction on the stator core. […]

The Working Principle Of Tachogenerator

The working principle of the tachogenerator is to convert the rotational speed into a voltage signal. It operates reliably, but it is bulky and has low precision. Since the measured value is analog, it must be read into the computer after A/D conversion. The working principle of the pulse generator is to output a corresponding […]

What Is The Basic Working Principle Of The Generator?

The basic working principle of the generator is based on the law of electromagnetic induction and the law of electromagnetic force. The magnetic circuit and circuit for electromagnetic induction are formed by appropriate magnetic conductive and conductive materials to generate electromagnetic power for energy conversion. A generator is a mechanical device that converts other forms […]

How To Build A Solar Generator System To Provide Energy For Home

How to build a solar generator system to provide energy for home, the general material is aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and it has a longer service life after hot-dip galvanizing. At present, some fixed brackets on the market can also be adjusted according to the seasonal changes of the sun’s rays. Just like when they […]

Diy Self-Built Home Solar Generator Operating Guide And Materials

Diy self-built home solar generator operating guide and materials, it is advisable to use monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar cell materials, and consider that monocrystalline silicon materials are expensive, so polycrystalline silicon materials are generally used. If you choose a polysilicon solar panel with a power of about 250w. The solar photovoltaic support is […]

Materials And Specific Steps To Build A Home Solar Power Station

Materials and specific steps to build a home solar power station, take a 5kw home system as an example: solar cells on the market are classified into amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon. Among them, crystalline silicon can be divided into polycrystalline silicon and single crystal silicon. From the perspective of photoelectric conversion efficiency of three […]

Equipment And Materials Needed To Build A Solar Power System

Equipment and materials needed to build a solar power system, explain here the photovoltaic inverter: the electricity generated by the solar panel is direct current, the household appliances cannot be used directly, and must be converted into alternating current through the inverter before being used by the household. Next, we need to consider the design […]