3d Solar Panel Video Guide To Build Own Personal Power Plant

3D Solar Panel Video Guide to build your own power plant

I can not do it. I have to find a solution. That’s why I started paying attention to research and trying to think outside the box.

All the knowledge of solar energy has made me very excited, but also a little frustrated. It seems that everything I find on the internet is confusing or completely worthless. The books I read lack the necessary details or are too academic and complex. The people I talk to are just weekend enthusiasts who can not help me reach my goals.

Two months later, I managed to reduce the cost … a lot … but the absolute surface reliable system is too small for my backyard.

This system does not use the usual arrangement side by side, but it develops upwards. Stack the panels on top of each other.

But even if it’s innovative, it’s still a desktop gadget … no real everyday use. It has to be complex to make it really important to change.

It took me almost a year to prepare my design. But in the end I found an incredibly simple method that was four times cheaper than I expected.

… safely on the ground, the most important is that it is not set in place … If you need some extra room or if you need to move the system to make way, but I chose the rack and place it wherever you want. And I do not have to ask for help. This is a separate work.

Do not worry … no maintenance … no headaches … there really is no real work!

It happened two years ago … Since then, I think I’ve done more than just saving accounts …

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