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Anti-Wind Power Wave In Germany

As an established developed country, Germany has always wanted to actively develop renewable energy, and aims to provide 65% of the country’s electricity by 2030.

But in recent years, this effort has always been hindered, and the public’s opposition has grown stronger, which has also led to a significant reduction in new wind power plants built this year, and the increase in power generation has hit a 20-year low.

As a daily energy source, electricity has become a necessity of life. But in addition to relying on water conservancy for the manufacture of electricity, thermal power is one of the main methods of generating electricity today, but these methods of generating electricity are relatively less environmentally friendly.

Wind power, as a renewable energy source that relies on wind to convert the kinetic energy of wind into electricity, has become one of the new green energy candidate technologies.

From the perspective of environmental protection alone, wind power generation only needs to set up wind generators at the low end where the air circulation is more violent, and obtain electricity through endless wind, which is not only environmentally friendly but also economical.

But is this really the case? According to foreign media reports, from January to September this year, only 150 wind power turbines were installed in Germany, with a total power output of 514MW, which is more than 80% lower than the average of the past five years, and the power generation is even more. It was a 20-year low.

Obviously, this solution also made Germany unexpected. Germany needs to build more wind power turbines. If it cannot be achieved, it can only abandon climate change goals or face the risk of power outages.

One of the reasons for the significant reduction in wind power installations is that installation sites are limited, and relevant departments are becoming more cautious about new wind power equipment. On the other hand is the strong opposition of local people.

Some local residents said that wind power harmed birds and also threatened groundwater. At the same time, Germany has paid a huge price for switching to renewable energy, but it has not made any efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Compared to the disadvantages of installing wind turbines, these benefits are negligible.