Build A Solar Panel System Works On Survival, Energy, Home & Garden


Three hours later, we received an unexpected visit from our neighbor. After seeing us holding electricity, he came with my family. I hope I should be able to charge the inhaler of my daughter.

I did not do anything for it … Where did it come from? There is no difference around the house … the wiring is the same … we are connected to the same grid …

I went to a cottage … something needed to charge the house … I just found a dusty tool box and a table tennis …

The weather is very cold, so I departed like this. About an hour after, the little boy stood up to happiness. I started to play with my daughter.

We stayed all night, but I was a bit scared of what happened outside, but I was able to spend peacefully in the living room of my father.

I am not safe in the morning … I would like to understand what makes the light shine. So I inspected the hut and the hut again.

I have enough time to study this equipment … because I can not see the snow plow anywhere. In fact, we had to find firewood and water in the afternoon … we had to spend another night to guard.

We have the power the next night. I had to cut the big screen TV, but I do not know if I will spend the third place there.

Or worse … we were in an unknown place in Andy’s car.

This is what my father knew well for years.

To be able to help yourself and the people around you. If you sit in a miracle waiting for FEMA, you might kill you!

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