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Today, you learn simple but yet ingenious devices to save six lives in a bad snowstorm in Wisconsin, thunder …… and once, all of the company Reversing a fat cat!

I think that you may be able to see the absolute power of Wisconsin ‘s winter cold winter nature in the news.

Anyway, you turn it … you can take it lightly. Always almost … you may be guarded.

That is because we are in a place without light and warmth. All the money in the world will not help … the government will not protect you …

Therefore, only one …… … light and darkness, this situation is prepared … … starvation, freezing and warm supply and can be distinguished I will.

Today ‘s response at the disaster site … Looking out of the window, frozen inside and outside … even worse … a week.

Hurricane Katrina How fast did you learn at the time of disaster? Or is there a blackout in 2011? I think they are continuing AIDS and their supply without knowing what they have been five years ago … So, who is your best choice? Government … or yourself?

No matter where you live … North, South, East, West … Mother Nature can have something that can change your life … with tornado, live broadcast on hurricane TV Body statistics, snowstorms, floods … … you … … as it is saying, government officials can see awe … … and God ban doing.

Imagine the coldest coldest winter … You see 4 feet of snow in your eyes.

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