Best Homemade Generator & DIY Solar Panels Guide


EZ Battery Reconditioning – never pay for new batteries ever again!                                                                       9.6/10EZ Battery Reconditioning

Power Efficiency Guide Blueprints – easily generate free home electric power                                                   9.5/10Power Efficiency Guide

Backyard Revolution – your own home solar panels power system                                                                          9.0/10Backyard Revolution


The Ultimate Energizer
lower your electricity bill fast

DIY Home Energy
build your own home solar system

Smart Solar Box
generate power with a simple box

Nomad Power System
build generator by simple machine

The Ultimate Energizer DIY Home Energy Smart Solar Box Smart Solar Box


Make Money By Restoring Batteries Like New With Simple, Quick Trick


I can use the charger on any mobile phone, laptop, camera, tablet

Frank’s Battery Business Guide
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Everyone needs a battery, the demand for batteries is increasing every day, but everyone is new… I don’t want to buy expensive batteries! This gives you a great opportunity to sell discounts and re-adjust your batteries to companies and individuals!

There are several types of batteries that can be sold for thousands of dollars like forklift batteries!

Frank’s guide will accurately understand everything to make your own profitable battery business!

Frank explained all the steps in order, so I knew where to get the old battery, how to fix it, and how to easily get huge profits from it.

We are leaking all the secrets of tips, tricks and maintenance to double the battery life!

This mini series covers all major battery types.

In this mini series, your battery will be twice as old as your old life…

It’s easy… and works like this:

A new battery is being developed. We always have the latest battery development and the latest battery repair methods.

So if you have a new battery, you will learn how to fix it and recover it!

Then create a new fix guide and add it to the member area.

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