Simple Device To Generate Energy Used For Any Family Around The World

As a person who studies energy with his uncle, Jason knows very well how to use this principle to get the most energy science, and the plan clearly shows this.

The first models we produced were either too expensive or too complex to build.

We have some heated arguments, mainly because I am stubborn – I need equipment that is cheap and simple.

Finally, after many attempts, we finally came up with a prototype that seemed to be looking for.

Great design…

We only used 3 wooden wheels, one hard cylinder, some belts and two gears.

After the merger, these materials cost $106 at Home Depot…

However, if we are not in a hurry, I believe we can find these parts in the dump.

But the most important thing is that it is very safe.

There is no fire, no dangerous smoke is released, so we are not worried about a dangerous explosion reaction.

You just need to put the components in the right place…

And because of the clever way of designing the device…

It produces extraordinary energy…

It is then captured and converted to usable power while powering itself without wasting any energy.

What’s more, the system is actually very easy to connect to any device – even if you’re building a bad content and can’t plug a DVD player into your TV.

So after building the device, the next step is to test it to see if it’s really as effective as we think.

We connected some batteries for a few seconds to start the device, we can’t believe our eyes:

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