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Many people think that the establishment of a renewable energy power generation device is a high cost and high technology demand. In fact, there are many ready-made kits available on the market today, providing a complete set of solutions. The user only needs to install it and use it immediately to protect the earth.

Some lighting kits powered by solar power, such as solar mate, offer a simple solution that allows users to easily install their own renewable lighting systems.

Solar Generator

Solar mate offers a solar panel, a switch, a light bulb and a lamp holder. Users only need to purchase a battery for their own storage, so that they can build a solar-powered lighting system, which is very convenient.

By generating electricity and storing it in the solar panels during the day, you can use the stored electricity and lighting system at night. You don’t have to have plenty of sunshine. Even on cloudy cloudy days, you can use solar panels. Charging batteries. And this system can easily add additional kits such as more solar panels, larger capacity batteries and increase the number of bulbs, can also be used in other electronic products such as fans.

Some of the more complex and large-scale solar power generation systems can be further become the main source of electricity supply in the home, through solar panel arrays and large-capacity batteries, plus DC/AC converters to provide AC output to supply normal household appliances. Use, no longer limited to the lighting system.